Sunday, January 30, 2005


I have had people telling me to start a blog for a while now, Mainly to get me to stop ranting at them about things that they dont have time for. Now they can read it whenever they want rather than having to keep closing the damn AIM window every time I say something while they were working on something more important, like their job.
The new MPAA substitution for paying attention to your children's computer use tool, or whatever it is they call it informs me that I have one Filesharing program, 4979 potentially infringing music files, and 59 video files. I find this odd because according to Itunes I have 5297 songs, so it must have missed a large part of my potentially misappropriated music collection, while picking up sounds residing in C:/windows. Not to mention the fact that it didnt pick up my bittorrent client.